Fontana Villa, Clark Pampanga
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“Sometimes you have to travel back to a place to bring the memories back when you were younger.”

     I can still remember when I was 7-years old, the first language I learned when I came to Manila was Kapampangan instead of Tagalog. My parents decided to leave our province and move to Pampanga where my father is working. As they said, it’s for us to have a better future. Imagine a mother hen having her seven chicks walking after her? Yes, we looked like that and thank God that they really worked hard. The first few Kapampangan words I was able to say was “keni ka”, “ali ku”, “nanu” until I was able to speak fluent Kapampangan. I can still recall those huge hot air balloons floating above us. Our playground back then was a sugarcane field. This is where I first learn how to play a bike. Yes, big bike for the big girls, enjoying her life as a young girl, playing here and there with her friends. Until a disaster marked the Philippine history, Mt. Pinatubo erupted. Yes, I was there. I’ve seen the thick smoke coming from the mountain’s mouth. We were not asked to evacuate but the surrounding looks terrible. There was ashes all over the place caused by the eruption and lahar filled some areas. Just so thankful to Almighty for keeping us safe.


     Oh well. I’m just jogging back to my memories. That’s my experience 24 years ago. A lot of things had changed, my childhood playground is totally different now. There is SM mall, Clark airport, food stall and restaurants, different hotels and resort--just like Fontana Hotel and Villas, where we stayed last April 23-24 to visit a good-friend-soon-to-be-mom and also quality time slash staycation with these crazy-becky friends. Hehe


     If you are a busy person and just wanted to lay back and relax, you can just stay all day and feel comfortable inside villa with complete amenities or go to spa for a massage.

Olympic size pool

     We walk around and explore the area. The hotel also has different facilities – there is Olympic size swimming pool, hot spring or swimming pool with aroma, casino, shopping boutique, coffee shop and restaurant. We never get bored because the landscape is enchanting and since its summer, we never let the day pass without going to the water theme park—swimming time!

Kit & Maui

Water Theme Park

Water theme park

With Pakaks

Huge slide

Enjoying the slide

Papalicious macho :p

     The best of all, for an adventurous and nature lover person like us, it feels good that Mt. Arayat is there as our background view. Sharing him my childhood story is remarkable - here’s to 15th month of being together!

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Guest writer: Maryang Laagan 

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