Laguna Trip: Bukal Falls in Majayjay, St. John the Baptist Church in Liliw and St. Mary Magdalene Church in Magdalena
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     With the influx of technology nowadays, we can easily capture the beautiful sceneries of your destinations and share with friends through social media in just one click. Few months ago my friends tagged me in my facebook account a stunning photo of waterfall. I do researched about it and found out that it’s in Majayjay Laguna and we planned to go there before summer officially ends. As traveler and nature lover, I always consider Laguna as one of the best destination near Metro Manila because of its famous natural destination like hot spring, waterfalls, lakes and mountains. 

Barangay Hall

     We don’t have pending trip with my partner for that weekend so when I mentioned to her about the Bukal Falls, with no hesitation we decided to go there since she needed to relax and escape away from the metro. Another unplanned travel again with her and my kaladkarin Bangag friends Doktora Racky and JC Sabio “Jekoy Express” who already visited the 81 provinces of the Philippines. 

     We rented a tricycle driver Kuya Manalo de Castro for only 350.00 good for 5pax one way, thanks to him for he patiently waited our friend who came in late.

     We already anticipated the crowd of tourists because it is summer and weekend, so when we’re there… it seems there is a pool party. Hehe

     While along the road Kuya Manalo shared what he knows about our destination and as he said this waterfall is under the municipality of Majayjay, Barangay Bukal and the water source of this waterfall is coming from Mt. Banahaw. Liliw Laguna also claiming this waterfall and they named it Kilangin Falls but according to other locals this route is very far and the trail is much more difficult unlike in Barangay Bukal it is accessible and safe.

Sponsored bag LAGALAG hahaha

     When we arrived in Barangay Bukal we hurriedly registered and get a guide because we noticed a couple groups of tourists. As I observed at the Barangay the schedule of guides are well organized and so when we had our guide we decided to start the trek and along the trail while we're having our snack our guide instructed to collect our trash and not to throw anywhere. It’s nice to hear from him which means they care so much and proud with what they have.

Mini store along the trail

Wild flowers you can see along the trail

Bamboo bridge

Clear blue water of Bukal/Kilangin Falls

     In less than an hour, we arrived in Bukal Falls… I can’t deny it! I was amazed with this wonderful creation. I’ve been to other waterfalls of Laguna but this one is lovely, the water is so clean and very cold. The bluish color in the catch basin is very tempting to swim, but it’s not advisable for those who don’t know how to swim because it's 15-feet-deep. Wow!

I am with nature

Tropang Bangag

     But on some part near the stone wall maybe 3-5 feet, just enough for those who want to swim and relax. Every minute, a crowd of tourists keep on arriving just to witness the majestic waterfall and I can say that it is better during weekdays to come here, less tourist and less traffic in the trail, hahaha.

     We just stayed for more than 1 hour and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries of the nature and the very cold water.. and of course the photo op and selfie is always on top. Hehe. Indeed, another good place to embrace the gift of our dear nature. 


You cannot just ignore the beauty of nature

Saint John the Baptist Parish Church


     Liliw was established as a reduccion by Franciscan priests Juan de Plasencia and Diego Oropesa in 1578. It was annexed as a visita of Nagcarlan until it became an independent parish with Father Miguel de San Lucas as first parish priest in 1605 by the Franciscan missionaries. The first church was built in wood in 1620. A stronger stone church was built from 1643 to 1646 and was partially destroyed during the 1880 Luzon earthquake. It was reconstructed in 1885 and was partially burned in April 6, 1898.

Liliw Tsinelas Capital of Laguna

     Founded in 1571 by Gat Tayaw, the small town of Liliw is nestled at the foot of Mount Banahaw, 17 kilometres (11 mi) away from Santa Cruz, Laguna's capital. According to a story, Liliw got its name from a bird. It was said that Gat Tayaw and his followers decided to erect a bamboo pole and to name the town after the bird that would first alight at the top of the pole within four days. A crow, however, was the first bird to alight on the pole. A crow was considered bad and so Gat Tayaw and his men moved south and erected another bamboo pole. A beautiful bird alighted on the pole and sang, "Liw, Liw, Liw". Thus the town became Liliw. Throughout the Spanish regime, the name Liliw was used. When the Americans came, it became Lilio since the Americans found it easier to pronounce it than Liliw. However, on June 11, 1965, the municipal council passed Resolution No. 38-S-65 which declared Liliw as the official name and spelling of the town. This was to avoid confusion in pronouncing and spelling the name of the town. 

Store of Tsinelas

Magdalena Laguna

     Magdalena was formerly a barrio of Majayjay, Laguna. A petition from the residents of the barrio for the creation of a new town was presented on September 15, 1819. It was proclaimed a new town by Governor General Don Mariano Fern√°ndez de Folgueras on January 18, 1820, and was originally named "Magdalena de Ambling". The name was derived from its patron saint Maria Magdalena and the barrio of Ambling where it was established. The first Teniente Alcalde or Capitan (the highest political authority in a town) was Don Mauricio San Mateo. They first established a makeshift school in 1820, which was the very first requirement for it to be a town. The municipal hall was also constructed. A small chapel was also constructed and it gave way to the construction of a church in 1829. The church was made of stones and bricks and donations were solicited from the residents. The construction was finished in 1861. The construction of the concrete town hall and the church convent started in 1871, and was finished in 1884. The revolt against the Spaniards in this area started on November 13, 1896, when the male residents joined the revolutionaries from the province to form a bigger force. It was during one of the encounters that Emilio Jacinto was wounded and sought refuge at the Catholic Church.

Saint Mary Magdalene Church

     Magdalena was formerly known as Ambling, a barrio of Majayjay until it was elevated as a towin in 1821. The first church, made of cogon and wood was constructed in 1820 and was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Father Antonio Moreno, OFM was appointed at its first parish priest in 1821.


      A permission to build a stone church was ordered by Captain Pablo de la Concepci√≥n in 1829.To obtain funds for the church, the people were forced to pay taxes and quarry sand and stones from the river. The construction of the church building was halted in 1839, continued in 1849 and finished in 1855 under the direction of Father Maximo Rico, Father Jose Cuesta, Father Joaquin de Coria and Father Francisco de Paula Gonzalez. Construction of the belltower was finished in 1861 - wikipedia


Ave Maria

Image of Jesus

Santa Maria Magdalena

How to get there: To Bukal Falls

  • There are buses from LRT Gil Puyat or known as Buendia (DLTB) or Cubao near in Mang Inasal infront of Five Star terminal (HM Transport) going to Santa Cruz, Laguna. inform the  conductor to be dropped at the "Pagsawitan" Once you reach Santa Cruz, there are jeepneys available bound to Majayjay, Laguna, from Majayjay, hire a tricycle going to barangay Bukal and asked to be dropped at the Barangay Hall.


  • You can hire a tricycle from Sta Cruz Pagsawitan Laguna to take you to Barangay hall of Bukal for only 350.00 (one way) good for 5pax and I can recommend kuya Manalo de Castro you may contact at his number at 09393427007 he is very nice to his guest and he can tour your group around nearby town of Laguna. We paid 1,000.00 all in all back and fort from Sta Cruz to Bukal falls and tour around Liliw and Magdalena.

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