Pililla Rizal Windmill and The Park Real Quezon
Renante MinaTuesday, June 21, 2016 4 comments

     Summer is not over yet, for us it’s just about to start. Hehe. I will always and forever be loving this place! I fell in love in this place the first time we visited and this time it’s nice to be back not only with him but with my entire team. What a joy to share with them my passion for adventure and love for nature! What a delightful feeling for letting them explore the place that is very close to my heart! August of last year when we first come here and the excitement is still the same.

     That Ilocos Feels! I’ve never been to Ilocos to get a closer glimpse of giant wind mill and never thought or expected to see one, not until we had our stop over at Pililla, Rizal. We didn’t had the chance to have our photo op because we only commute by bus before, but this time, perks of having a private car? You can go wherever you want! Hehe. Thanks to Kuya Toots for the 15-minute stop over. As the saying goes “best things happen when you least expect it”, not arrived yet at our destination but this experience is already the best for me.

     Going to some part of Rizal is somehow like a chicken intestine, has a bit zigzag-y road that you’ll always witness someone gets dizzy or vomit. So take extra care and don’t forget to bring anti-byahilo.

The Park Real Quezon

Main entrance of the accommodation house

     It has been a long ride and finally we reached The Park safe and sound. The gang looks so tired and sleepy but when they saw the place and get inside the house where we will stay, they got all energized! Even I got amazed with the entire house. We all liked the style, design and what astounds us most – it is beach front! This experience is another new for me and Manong Unyol because we just stayed in our tent before. As we stroll around the house, it looks pleasant, spacious and quite though we got startled a bit because it’s an old house. Haha. Yet, our wild imagination never stopped us since we’re all tired. We settled in, sit back for a while, others roam around for some inspection and selfie then when we’re all freshened up, we headed to our next stop.

Falls hopping: Noknok falls and Balagbag falls

     We had our brunch at Nonok Falls, it’s nice to see this place again. As expected, there will be more tourist this time since it is still summer and who will not love this place?

     If you wanted to capture the view perfectly, it is advisable to go here during off peak season. We decided to stay until late lunch and just let the coolness of water ease our exhausted body. Around 2PM when we leave as planned and went to our next place to explore.

Balagbag falls

     Free natural massage at Balagbag Falls, who wants? I’m always fond of a massage whenever I am in any waterfalls. Yes, any! Even when I’m having a shower bath is already soothing what more in a natural and peaceful place like this? But not as serene as expected this summer time of the year of course. Nevertheless, the entire team still had the chance to experience that free massage and groupie-naughty pose. Haha.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered”. – Nelson Mandela

     Almost an hour when we decided to go back at The Park, not for us yet. We went straightaway to the nearby market to buy fresh sea foods which is awesomely cheap as compared to other beach destination. So, if planning to visit here and you love sea foods like me, you can bring an ice box and buy some sea foods you like for a take-home! Hehe.

Market in Real Quezon

Competition Games

     Here’s to successful adventure with the team! Woot! A great experience to end summer 2016 indeed! Pasasaan ba at natuloy din ang papalit-palit na location! Hehe

Ruined boat

Dinner Time

 Birthday Celebrant Cath and Mel

     We bought crabs, fish and squid for our boodle fight dinner and here you go--tada! Happy eating team! This is also a birthday celebration of the two lovely ladies – Cat and Mel.

Sunrise Tignoan beach

“If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.”  Jeannette Walls

     That peaceful atmosphere of laying your back down against the grassy field, the instant-natural-massage yet calm waterfalls, the salty breeze coming from the ocean and those freshly grilled seafood we bought from the local market. Thanks Dear Creator for a place like this, a nature that gives me silence and allows me listen into my own soul.

Our first visit in Real Quezon check this link: Tourist destination of Real Quezon - The Park Pacific Recreation Park, Balagbag Falls and Nonok Falls

Guest writer: Maryang Laagan


Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

ganda sanang mapasyalan din ang wind farm sa pililia, sayang lang at ginabi na yun byahe namin galing regina rica nung feb. hopefully, next time... :)

Renante Mina said...

puntuhan mo to ma'am maganda at may view din na landscape :)

naks said...

ganda ng lugar kapatid...
hayyy....kakainggit kayong dalawa ni Marya...

billy joe said...

Hi, how long is the drive from Pililla to PARK? Thank you!