Pares Retiro Visayas Ave. Quezon City
Renante MinaTuesday, August 9, 2016 2 comments

Pares Retiro

     Filipinos are known for being hospitable, friendly, strong, courageous and still smiling despite of many challenges; and most of all creative in so many means-like fashion, music, sports, arts and food. Talking about food, you cannot be called Pinoy if you have not eaten balut, isaw, lechon, sinigang, adobo, pinakbet, dinengdeng, kilawin, etc. These are just few tatak Pinoy apart from those delicacies in other provinces across the Philippines. Starting from Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao, name it and you’ll be overwhelmed, thankful and proud how imaginative Pinoys are! Some place even became remarkable because of its unique taste!

     Our own taste buds doesn't satisfy us that we always wanted to try something new even if our big belly is still full. Yep, I bet you’ll agree with me on that, just like what we always do some weekend if no gala, we're hunting around food restos in Quezon City.

     We’ve been to Maginhawa Street way back in February, we also explored Timog Avenue last year, we keep on coming back to UP Diliman to try the street food, we also tried the buffet in Eastwood just last month. This time, our feet brought us in Visayas Avenue. Same with Maginhawa Street, you'll see a lot of food restaurant along the stretch of Visayas Avenue.

Food we ordered

     Me and my partner ate at Pares Retiro to celebrate our 17th, ofcourse, we always try the best sellers, thiers is from the resto name itself "Pares" also known as beef pares which is a small cuts of beef with sauce paired with rice and served most commonly in carenderia or local places. This is another one originated in the Philippines.

Beef Pares

     So, the question is it a pop or flop? Hmmm.. the ambiance was nice, the plating (if thats the right term) looks neat and well prepared. And the taste? Well, it's not that heavenly nor mouthwatering but it is still tastes good. Why we liked it? It's because the sauce of other pares we tried are a bit greasy that you cannot enjoy the food anymore but this one is better. We also tried the chupsuey, and it's also good. They also have a wide variety of food to choose from.

With egg toppings

     However, with regards to the price, it's a bit pricey for us who are budgetarian. Hehe. We're not contented with the servings on what we have paid although we cannot blame them somehow because beef meat is really costly plus if they are renting the place/restaurant will also take into consideration. Nonetheless, it is still a pop for us... a lot of food enthusiasts are coming in to eat  and hang out when we were there. This is a busy eatery and you need a lot of patience if you want to eat here specially on weekend. They provide dine-in and take-out services too.

"Kung ang bf/gf mo ay hindi tumataba, kulang ang pagmamahal mo."

     Saw this in social media memes. Well, its not applicable to us because we're both getting bigger and bigger. Hihi.


naks said...

panalo 'yung caption nung last photo...
parang kami ng misis ko...
pakopya po...

Renante Mina said...

sure sir hehehe