Taal Batangas: Pook Makasaysayang Marcela Agoncillo and Basilica of St. Martin de Tours
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Do you know the one who made the "Philippine Flag" used in Kawit Cavite?

Do you know where her clan originated?

Did you know that they doesn't have a son and so they named their youngest daughter as Marcela Jr?

     History is a series of past events connected to someone or something. As I recalled my high school and college days, studying History was quite interesting and controversial yet so dead boring. Why so boring? Because you have to be keen with the dates, the names involved and most importantly the places. One reason why it was interesting however was this question during our debate, "Is History really repeats itself"? Yes or No? Well, lets not dwell on that.. I will leave the arguments to you. Hehe.

Marcela Agoncillo Historical House

     One weekend, the Bangag friends decided for a road trip and we ended up in Tagaytay and Taal.  Literally up high in Tagaytay! The heavy rain didn't stop us for this barkada trip. We ate bulalo which is famous in this place and just fit for the weather, we slept in one of the transient house and most of all, we had our coffee at SB. Haha. Sometimes it is really better if things is unplanned, right?

     The next day, another long road trip has started. Rain still pours so heavy, we had our breakfast at Mushroomburger, it's just along the main highway going to Nasugbu. First time! Hehe. We ate burger but they offered different food as well. I'm not fond of burger with beef patty, so having tasted their "mushroom" burger made me say it's a flop since mushroom is one of my favorite.

Learning the bibliography of the Agoncillo Family

     Going back to the road after breakfast, we're suppose to turn left before the Nasugbu arc but unfortunately the road was closed due to erosion so we went back and headed to Balayan to reach to Taal Heritage. Any place is easy to locate nowadays as long as you befriended google map and waze. Haha. What a long ride!

     Here comes this ancestral house, the Agoncillo Museum-the first home of Marcela Agoncillo who made the very first flag of the Philippines. I know you knew it, right? Unlike National Museum that you'll only read the story by putting caption on things used by our old folks, here we met a young historian (Mark) who toured us inside the house and shared his knowledge and secret about this decades old treasure. And who says learning History nowadays is boring if it's incorporated with technology? Not at all. Wow! We absolutely learned a lot about our flag and if you want to know about the secret, visit here and you'll find it.

Doña Marcela Marino de Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo, and Delfina Herbosa de Natividad 

Soda brand already popular in their time

Bathtub looks already modern

Living room

Dining area



Bed of Marcela and Felipe 

My One True Loves

Family Pictures

Sandals of Marcela

     We were overwhelmed learning history not realizing that it's almost 3PM and have not eaten lunch yet. So our revenge for that is their Batangas' remarkable food, lomi!

Waiting for Lomi Batangas

Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours

    Our last destination was at St. Martin Church, Taal Batangas. Another proof that this known place has been tested by time but still standing tall. There's Filipino sayings, "knock three times on the door if you're a first timer". We did and of course we prayed and had some photo op!

Facade of Basilica of Saint Martin Church

Aisle of Saint Martin Church

     It was indeed unforgettable road trip with the Bangags and we can't wait for more. Hehe. Thank You Ma'am Weng for the ride! :)

 History of Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours

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