Marian Orchard Balete Batangas
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     There are moments in our life that we somehow feel empty and seems there's a missing piece deep within us or maybe we just wanted to be alone, escape away from anybody yet nowhere to go, then our itchy feet end up to a place we called, home. Home that is not literally a house but something you called home because you feel at peace. Peace of heart, mind and soul--our entire being!

Pathway to the Church

     Think of a place where you spend mostly of your quite time... a spot at home maybe? Me? It's either I go to church or when I am in nature. Doing nothing, just spending some time alone talking to Him, our Dear Creator. I share my thoughts and my feelings, I even ask a lot of questions. I thank and praise Him. That's how my conversation starts.

     Think of a church closer to nature. It's at Marian Orchard in Balete, Batangas. My partner first visited in 2012 and I'm grateful that he brought me here. Another place where I fell in love with. It was solemn and deep and natural and majestic and beautiful.


Roses along the pathway

Our feet brought us here not because we're empty but because we wanted to thank Him.

    And thanks to our Mother Mary for this amazing life.

Wishing Banga

Have you seen the image of Mother Mary?

Station of the Cross

Christ the Redeemer

Main Entrance

Christ the Redeemer

Thank You for bringing me here my dearest. 

A Travellers Prayer
"Almighty God, may the angels of heaven guide and protect us from our setting out until our earth return. Clothe us with your clock of protection to keep us from all danger of collision, fire, explosion, of fall and bruises. Preserve us from all evil, especially from sin, to guide us to our heavenly home. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen."

How to get there by commute:

     From Bus stop SM Lipa  Batangas ride a jeep/multicab that will pass Levitown you will notice the Gasoline Station (Caltex) or Jollibee from there ride again a jeep or trike going to Balete Batangas.

Guest Writer: Maryang Laagan

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