That place called... SAGADA.
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"Thank You, God, that I don't have to control or fix or plan or stress or fear or doubt or even wonder how it's all going to work out, because You are in the driver's seat on this beautiful journey we are on. Even when I have no idea where we're going or how we're going to get there, You always do."  ©Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale

     It's nice to be back in my dear Mountain Province! This is our most travelled place in the Philippines this year and we'll never get tired coming back. It makes my heart smile in so many unexplainable reasons that even took a special part in my heart. It's kinda weird that I get a little emotional while writing this, it's not because we finally crossed-out some nice spot  here on our bucket list but because I was overwhelmed how everything turned out.

We have different reasons why we travel to see places and here's mine.
1. To explore the beautiful arts by our Creator.
2. To breathe out our stress and escape from busy city even for a while.
3. To reconnect with God. Talking to Him when in nature.

     Months of June to September are the rainy season in the Philippines. Few hours before the set meeting time we're still undecided whether to go or no (with his friends) urong-sulong as they say. However, we still ended up by going. Yown!  On our way to Baguio, the sky was gloomy and the rain enjoyed too much playing stop dance. When we arrived the next morning thank God the sun showed up a bit of his smile. We had our quick breakfast then went to Slaughter house terminal and rode a bus going to Sagada. Yey!

     At one of the stop over, we talked the bus driver if we can stop at Halsema (highest highway/point in the Philippines) for a quick picture taking since we're first timers. Chos! Haha. Thank God he pulled over and tada! It was a 3-minute experience yet a lifetime happiness!

 View along the road

 Tourism Information

     We finally arrived after a long zigzag-y ride. The weather welcomed us with a cool breeze and bits of drizzle at the registration area of tourism office. We wrote down our names; it's an SOP in any tourist spot here in the Philippines for safety and record purposes. Then looked for a room to stay over night.

SAGGAS other group of tour guides 

     We didn't book our tour yet 'coz we decided our first day just to be relaxed, try foods nearby and ofcourse coffee time, yet-it-turned-into-unexpected-venture. We we're just inquiring at SAGGAS tourist information office for the tour rate, then we met these ladies who are preparing for their spelunking... and in just less than an hour we're also preparing our things then joined them. Tip? Make friends if your trip is a "tipid trip" and the rest is a happy trip!  Agree? Hehe.

Sumaguing Cave

Briefing with our guides

     Unlike other cave wherein you need to walk with your body or head bent down so as not to hit the stalactite, or even crawl like a baby just to fit into the hole, here in Sumaguing Cave , it can accommodate hundreds of guests inside. The guides are organized and coordinated, somehow they sounds strict but we clearly understand because our safety is their responsibility. It was raining so the trail was slippery. It has been 2-hour experience inside the cave and I could say that we have explored another unique cave in the Philippines and it's only one of a few treasured gem here in Sagada.

 Ano yan?

Kiltepan Viewpoint

 waiting for the sunrise

     We woke-up early the next day to witness the sunrise at Kiltepan Road but too sad it didn't show up like the usual orange-y sunny-side-up-egg-like-view so we just practice our "photography" skills. Haha. There's a lot of people here which means this place is really known. I even overheard a group talking in bisaya so I assumed they're from down south of the Philippines all the way to northern part of Luzon? Who knows? Proud bisaya here! Hehe.

 “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir

Bana's Cafe

     Photo op at Kiltepan Road was a bit tiring so we went back and had our breakfast at Bana's Cafe which is famous here in Sagada. They serve Civet coffee that costs P200/cup. After eating, now we know why this place was well recommended :-)

 My breakfast at Bana's Cafe

Finally we arrived... traffic in the trail

     Next in our itinerary is the Bomod-Ok Falls. This is the only waterfalls I've visited without even touching the water or even the river flow literally! Tourists are coming so we just stayed less than an hour. The rain started to fall when we bound to the exit trail, as my revenge, I enjoyed getting wet and dancing in the rain... bringing back my child-like self.

Bomod-ok falls 

     I was supposed to visit here along with my sister way back in 2012 but only happened now. We canceled it that time due to the typhoon that no one was allowed to go there. But now, to me it was goosebumps! A dream come true. Surreal! Who didn't know Hanging Coffins in Sagada by the way? Highest respect to this culture!

Hanging Coffin

Colorful Murals in La Trinidad Benguet

Side Trip:
Baguio is a busy city nowadays, it's an entry/exit point going to/from Kalinga, Mountain Province, Banaue and nearby provinces. Their colorful murals is becoming popular and ofcourse we will not let this trip ends without taking photos.

     Thanks to the Coordinator of this project, Mrs. Gloria Agasen for the information and letting us know the right spot for the picture taking. Mabuhay po kayo!

Pink Sisters Convent

     When quite, I'm praying to God, asking for His guidance, to keep us safe and thanking Him for another unforgettable trip here in Sagada. Here in Mountain Province that took a special place in my heart. Thank You Almighty!

Guest Writer: Maryang Laagan

How to get there: Sagada
Option 1: Ride a bus directly to Sagada
Coda Lines
Quezon City
277 E Rodriguez SR. Avenue
Cathedral Heights
Proceed between TUA and Shakey’s
0927 559 2197/ 0929 521 3229

Option 2: Ride a bus going to Baguio like Genesis Victory and Dagupan Bus Line
                then from Baguio ride a taxi then inform the driver drop you in Dangwa Terminal        
                (GLTrans) Or Slaughter house (Lizardo Trans) going to Sagada


Pepe v2.0 said...

Nakakamiss. Isa ang Sagada sa ilang lugar sa Pinas na di nakakasawang balikan.

Been there twice and yet I am again planning to visit again this December. :)

naks said...

hayyyy...ganda talaga ng sagada...
twice na ata akong nakapunta dyan way way back...mga 2007-2008 ata...
too bad nga lang at business at hindi leisure ang dahilan ng pagpunta namin kaya di masyadong nakapag-ikot...