Discover Scuba Diving at Anilao Scuba Dive Center
Renante MinaThursday, November 24, 2016 0 comments

     Have you ever thought of exploring the underwater world? Got even curious how to breathe using those diving equipment?

Proper use of equipment

Proper breathing and equalizing

It's nice to see those smile from my younger sissy-to-be and youngest bro after their fun scuba diving!

Loading the equipments going to "Mainit Point" 

     Despite of storm Karen smashing her angry waves from the front side doesn't mean they will stop their "trip" for that day. Because from the back side of the mountain there is so-called "Mainit Point" where the ocean is calm, friendly and nice.

     It's about 20 minute drive away from the diving center. Kudos to their very passionate diving instructor, Filip, for sharing his knowledge and passion in diving. They succesfully explored the hot spring and was able to go underwater for about 20+ feet deep. I felt envious for not joining them, still need to learn proper "equalizing" (my ears are kinda sensitive though), but it's completely okay, they have my moral support all the way! Isn't it obvious that they had fun? That's what you called fun diving! Hehe

Preparation before going to the water

 Warming up

That's what you called fun diving!

     Always thankful to Ate Gina for her warm welcome whenever we visit ASDC and the rest of the gang for keeping the smile in our faces. Cheers to another year for my Ate Anne as well. Happiest Birthday! God is good! Thank You Almighty for always guiding us.

Guest writer: Maryang Laagan

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