Bolinao Pangasinan - Waterfalls 1, Waterfalls 2, Rock formations and Patar beach
Renante MinaWednesday, January 25, 2017

It's my 4th time to be back in this place and it's the most special and memorable one..

     I first went to Patar beach Bolinao back in 2012  with my becky friends. Hehe. We just eat, swim, relax, laugh during our stay. All good memories... it's as if we owned the entire stretch of the shore. Less tourist was around. From then on, we promised to visit every year in between February and March but my last visit was 2014 and was not able to join them last year of 2015 because of conflict in schedules. However, I was able to visit again last December 2016 to celebrate my birthday. Thank You Dear Lord!

I love flowers....

     This place will always be my favorite. I miss the waves, the shore, the sand, the sunset, the beach, the lighthouse and most especially the foods we ate whenever we visit like seaweeds paired with bagoong, grilled fish and other sea foods and most of all the longanisa with lots of garlic! It's nice to be back and it felt so good to see and taste this place again literally. A lot has changed. No more rough roads, new resorts here and there which is not surprising because this place is becoming common.

Saint James the Great Parish Church

     Bolinao, Pangasinan, was canonically erected in the year 1609 when the Augustinian Friars took over this mission territory which was earlier entrusted by the Spanish Colonial Government to the Dominican Friars in the year 1594 and left the place in the year 1607 due to the vastness of their mission territories and the scarcity of their missionary members. The Church tower of Bolinao measuring seventy-five (75) feet was then the tallest in the whole Pangasinan if not in the entire Northern Luzon. However, an earthquake in 1788 toppled about half of it. Then in 1819, the Church Convent was also accidentally burned.

Photography 101

Waterfalls I

Welcome Entrance to Waterfalls I

     We first visited Bolinao Waterfalls I. One of the cleanest waterfalls I've been so far.. maybe because it's not peak season that's why the water is still clear in its turquoise color. Good job to the local government for keeping this spot clean.

Amazingly Beautiful


Crystal Clear water...

Waterfalls II

The waterfalls that made me the happiest....

     Our next stop is at Bolinao Waterfalls II. Compared from the other one, we got challenged on the rock formation going onto the other side. There is an area wherein the water is smooth and flows quietly then one area that is as loud and as wild as me. Hehe. And this waterfalls made me the happiest! ;-)

Waterfalls II

Emo shot when in nature... hehe

Rock Formations


     Instead of dropping by at the Enchanted Cave we decided to go straight to the Rock Formation. All is surreal from the playful waves, the shore, the group of family relaxing at their cottages and  overlooking the stretch of the shoreline from the cliff. The view was amazingly beautiful!


That's the view

Patar beach

My all time favorite...

     After our usual photo session, we went to our last stop where we spent most of our time.. at Patar beach. My ever favorite place... I'm always feeling at peace when I am here. This place knows about the different stages of my heart. If only this place could speak! Haha.

Footprints in the sand...

Playing in the sand while waiting for the sunset

The lovely sunset...

The lovely partner...

My favorite food when in Bolinao...

It's a nice day..

Binungay, a native delicacy best paired with coffee.


     If there's one thing in this place that never changed that would be the lighthouse. It's still standing tall amidst all the storm. It looks the same, somehow mysterious yet with honor and pride.


Just the two of us...

     This place never failed to amaze me.. it makes me feel at home as always. Just like seeing an old friend yet still the same despite of not seeing each other for a long time. It's nice to be back and see this place again this time with miii Loves. I'm happy that we decided to come here and where I had my post birthday celebration. Just the two of us. Thank You Dear Lord for always staying with us! 

Guest writer: Maryang Laagan 

How to get there:
At Five Star Cubao Terminal ride a bus directly to Bolinao
From Bolinao Market hire trike minimum tour for 1 day is 1,000.00
you can visit the Rock formations, Enchanted Cave, Patar beach, Waterfalls 1 and 2

Note: For each tourist destination Rock formations, Enchanted Cave, Patar beach, Waterfalls 1 and 2 you need to pay entrance fee.