Mount Purro - Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City
Renante MinaSunday, January 1, 2017

     We climbed different mountains, we've been to many waterfalls and we went to different beaches. Even tried scuba diving, visited century old churches and historical sites. Given the chance to explore the unexplored and discover the farthest point anywhere in the Philippines, we will definitely grab it. As the days goes by, the urge in us gets higher and higher to see places we've never heard before or visit the not so common spots. We are always excited to experience whatever that place has to offer. However, things change as we get older. There will come a point that you just wanted to sit back, relax, eat and enjoy the simplest moment in your life. Sign of aging? Haha. Just breathing out the negativities, laid back and spending time with Mother Nature. 

     Few weeks ago we decided to visit a nature reserve in Antipolo. Saw a friend tagged in that post and by just looking at the picture we knew that the place is solemn. It's called Mount Purro Nature Reserve (MPNR).  We met TJ, COO (Child of the Owner) as he said. Hehe. He shared some history of their place and it was nice of him very approachable to the guests.

Mount Purro vicinity map

Trail going to Bunsuran Falls

     After few conversation with TJ, my partner and I decided to go first to the Bunsuran Falls before lunch. We are about to get a guide but unfortunately no available guide to accompany us because he’s still at the falls with other guests. So, we asked TJ if it's okay to go there on our own. Thankfully, he agreed and he even said that we looked so into hiking and he trusted that we will be able to discover the place. Is it really obvious in my skin tone? Haha.

Bunsuran Falls

     Bunsuran Falls is 15-30 minutes away from MPNR depending on your pacing. Along the trail I could say that the area is not yet that "abused". When we reached the said falls, I was actually expecting for a feet high just like any waterfalls that we’ve been to but this one is more of like a river to me. However, what amazes us is that there’s no trace of plastic trash, candy wrapper or anything in the area.

     We saw the tour guide looking after the guests swimming in the area. Nice to see travellers with their big smiles enjoying the cool flow of the water. We stayed for 30 minutes, just took pictures, had our snack and decided to go back to MPNR for our most awaited buffet. Yey!

     That moment when we got back, we admire deeply on how this place was being preserved and respected. You will know that the guests are already inside because of sandals and shoes outside the front door.  The guests removed their footwear and entered the area in barefoot. It’s one of a Filipino traits that was maintained here and it’s good to know that Pinoy still has this values despite of our generation now. Amazing!

The very welcoming set for the guests

Mess Hall

     The ambiance at the Mess Hall was so cool and very authentic. Everyone looks happy, relax and really enjoyed the 2-hour buffet.

Eating time!

     The buffet has just started when we arrived. Unlike the usual “buffet” that we know, MPNR serves menu with recipes originally owned by the family as per TJ. 

Bamboo Hut

     After our lunch, we decided to roam around the area. I could say that the bahay kubo with the breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre as background is one of the main reason why people seems so relaxed.

Pavilion Hall

Bamboo Cabins

This one looks good for a honeymoon, hehe.

Swimming Pool

Sierra Madre as background of swimming pool

Model of the day: May

Flowers around the area

Out of focus

     Just as planned, we enjoyed the place and it’s nice to be here. With no hesitation we will go back not only the two of us but with some friends and families.

For more information visit their website:

How to get there:

  • Along Aurora Boulevard/Marcos highway, you can take a Jeep going to COGEO 29.00 each.
  • From COGEO, take another Jeep with PAENAAN signboard. Tell the driver you would be going down at KANTO VETERANS 23.00 each.
  • From KANTO VETERANS, ride a tricycle going to Welcome 75.00 then from the welcome Arch ride again a tricycle going to Mount Purro 70.00.