Limutan Falls and Ambon-Ambon Falls in Binukawan, Bagac Bataan
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One thing that I am crazy about is to see waterfalls and experience its power, the songs it brought to my soul and the happiness it creates to my face. Just amazing!

     It's been a while since our wedding that we hadn't traveled anywhere. We had to prioritize our plans for our future and can only push on our trip during holidays, or this time... it's my semestral break! Yes, I only have 2 weeks sem-break and I will not let these days pass without going somewhere to get my feet dirty and breathe in some fresh air. We left Manila by 12 midnight and we arrived at this terminal in Bataan going to our destination around 4am. It's still early so we had to wait for other passengers.

     First few steps... still fresh! Picture muna, pang-ATM. Hehe... We decided to just walk instead of renting a tricycle going to DENR to register. 

The wifey is so focused enlisting our names on the registration at DENR. 

     The wifey influencing her siblings to be nature lover as well and picture taking with our shy type Kuya Guide.

The breathtaking view of Mariveles ridge going to our destination according to our guide. 

Take 5. Pang-ATM muna ulet. Hehehe

     We're almost near to our destination. Look at how healthy the soil is! Along the way, we're seeing a lot of sweet potatoes being planted by the locals.

Almost getting there!

From this spot, we can already hear the loudness and craziness of the waterfalls.

Candid shot... daw! Hehe. That narrow steep from the background is actually another waterfalls.

     For us to see the other waterfalls, we have to cross this river and climb on that bamboo stair and walk again. But our guide decided not to bring us there because according to him, it rained the other day and there's a lot of leaches. Better to be safe and so we agreed as the girls might panic. We just stayed and spent our time here.

A music to my ears. Limutan Falls.

That is what you called the view. Simple. Beautiful. Peaceful. Just like my wife.

Waters cannot be silent that it always finds its way out to create a new path on its own. 

     Looks quite but this Ambon-Ambon Falls pushed us away whenever we attempted to be near. We had no choice but just to look at it from few steps afar while taking our lunch and watch its strength and power. 

This is our kind of aspirin. Just taking some quality time and feel the peacefulness of mother nature.

How to get there by commute: 
  • Ride a bus at Cubao Five Star Terminal or Genesis going to Balanga City Bataan. The travel time is about 2 to 3 hours.

  • Then from Balanga City, ride a jeep or mini bus going to barangay Binukawan in Bagac, Bataan. The travel time is less than 30 minutes, from the drop off point you need to walk or ride a trike going to DENR. 

  • Then you need to register at the DENR of Binukawan. You also need the services of the local guide for the safety of your group. There is no signages that will guide you along the way. 

Please watch our video here:
Limutan Falls Binukawan, Bagac, Bataan

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