Kaparkan Waterfalls, Tineg Abra
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     How lucky we are to be in this place. Everything is pure and each experience is unique. I only have 2 weeks sem-break and for me... each day counts! What makes you excited when planning to visit a tourist place?  Do you have any reason or purpose why you're traveling? Do you ever forget checking your phone when on a trip?

The Cathedral of Saint James the Greater (Bangued, Abra)

     We left Manila around 7AM and arrived at the capital of Abra around 5PM. That was indeed a lengthy travel and the sun started to set when we arrived.

I knocked 3 times before I get inside. Prayed. Took some pictures and explore a bit outside and hired a tricycle to bring us to other old churches while we still have time before night.

Santa Catalina de Alejandria Church (Tayum, Abra)

     This is our 2nd stop. It took us 15-minutes ride from the central of Abra to Tayum. This is Santa Catalina de Alejandria Church also known as Tayum Church. This was declared a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. Sadly, the church is closed when we arrived. It seems that there is renovation ongoing and we got no one to ask if we can go inside. Nonetheless, again, as my belief, I just knocked 3 times at the door, prayed and had our photo session outside.

We were colonized by Spanish and no wonder that we have this kind of old structure or influence not only in Abra but across the Philippines.

Santa Catalina de Alejandria Church (mini replica).


The adventure begins! That monster jeep though! This is literally a monster!

Whenever she see a waterfalls, beach or at the top of the mountain... that smile will always show up.

Only here in Abra! It's my first time to witness locals adding this chains on the tires during our stop over and this only means that this jeepney's role of being a monster is activated.

And so the adventure begins...

See that muddy track to our destination? That's how the chains and tire work with each other. It's to make sure that the whole wheel would stay on track or not slip and get stuck-up. 

     Sometimes we want to tell the world to just go ahead and continue spinning without us even for a while. We'll just get back when we get bored experiencing this kind of unforgettable adventure only here in Abra.

We're ready to face whatever we may encounter along the bumpy-muddy track with full smile in our faces.

No more mud means... we're almost there!

First few step of the view... amazing!

This is the amazing Kaparkan Falls.

     It was November when we visited here that's why the water has started to get dry. But the best time to visit according to our guide is during rainy season.

Even without this place full of water, you will still wonder and still thankful how amazing our Dear Creator is.

Here's to our stress reliever!

This is one of our reason when traveling. Our kind of aspirin. No specific itinerary. We just go with the flow on whatever that place has to offer.

This multi-terraced limestone made that crystal clear water. Some of edge are slippery so we are very careful with our steps.

The limestone terraces of Kaparkan is 500 meters from top to bottom according to our guide. As we walk from top to bottom, this is one of our reward! Forget about checking your phone. This is worth saving your batteries and more time with yourself.

Thanks to our Creator for this amazing view.

And thanks to this wifey for being with me in all our adventures. Enjoying the beauty of Kaparkan Falls.

Let's explore the places anytime we want but please practice the respect to our nature. Leave no trace. That's the best thing we can do and give back to our mother nature.

Taking the plunge into the cool and bluish water from the bottom of Kaparkan Falls.

Back to reality. That was indeed an adventure for all of us! ABRA-mazing!

     Be responsible adventurer. Get a guide. Register only at the tourism office to settle your monster jeepneys. Enjoy. Again, respect the nature and leave no trace.

How to get there:
  • From Cubao ride a Partas bus or Dominion bus line going to Bangued Abra, estimate time travel is 8 hours.

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