Sta Maria Church and Pinsal Falls in Sta. Maria Ilocos Sur
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Established : April 1765, Sta. Maria , Ilocos Sur   

     Not following fully the traditional Spanish urban town plan of situating the church as the focus of the central town plaza, the location of the Nuesta Señora De La Asunción church and convent in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur standing alone on the crown of a freestanding hill encircled by a stone retaining wall gives it a citadel appearance. Its appearance evokes a Mediterranean hill town, the only example of such in the Philippines.

     Evoking a Chinese pagoda, the squat and massive bell tower of stacked octagonal shapes of decreasing diameter is crowned by a small dome. From any angle, the approach to the Santa Maria ensemble is magnificent. A stairway of 85 stone steps rises form the town to the small courtyard at the top of the citadel. On the opposite side of the courtyard, another equally grand stairway descends to a causeway built up over rice fields leading to a circular cemetery. DOT

 Imagine how artistic our old folks are. 

We've been to many places and visited a lot of old churches and this one is another unique structure.

     Always thankful to Him everyday for guiding us wherever we go and for this opportunity to visit His home.

As the old sayings, don't forget to knock three times if it's your first time to visit in a church. :) 

Pinsal Falls

It's good to be back!

Living a simple life. Thank You Kuya for taking care of this place.

Another amazing creation of our Dear Creator.

It was summer when we were here and thankful to be back in "ber" months.

Good to see this place again with more, more and more water.

     Back in summer time when we were here, we can walk at the middle of this river because it was dry. The water gives life and color to this place.

Thankful for this chance to explore more this place.

     You can always have your "instagramable" pose but always be mindful of your safety. Don't go beyond those black/grayish rocks.

When in nature.

     Trail going to and from the falls. Whatever the season is, dry or wet season, let's appreciate the beauty of the places that we visit.

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