Treasure Mountain and Regina Rica Tanay Rizal
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     There are days when we feel like we're on top of the world, then the next day it's the other way around. Feeling down, hated, betrayed, tired, stressed, unloved. It's okay. We're humans, it's okay not to be okay sometimes. Yet, we have to overcome those negativities and find ways to stand again. Do the things that makes us happy. Enjoy the journey and face the different colors of life. That's life as they say.

     When negativities strikes you have to do something! It's been a while since we haven't done trekking. We've been so busy with our daily routine without taking a pause for a moment. And it's good to be back to have some quality time with mother nature again. Unlike our previous travels, we opted to go to a place that is 2-3 hours away only from the metro. We decided for a "pabebe" adventure this time. Lesser travel time and lesser trek. Adulting it is! Haha. Just enough to relax and feed our body and soul with greens.

     One weekend, we left the metro around 6AM and arrived at the public market by quarter to 9AM. As usual, business is business, jeepneys are being filled with passengers first before leaving. With the information we got from the locals we decided to ride a habal-habal to save time instead of waiting the jeepney to get filled.

     While on the road, we're seeing Regina Rica signages, the huge statue of Mother Mary that we always planned to visit. Kuya Sitoy the habal-habal driver asked us if we want to go to this place too. We asked first how much would be the additional charge on our agreed payment. And so... let the adventure begins.

     We never expected that this is also in Tanay and we never prepared this trip that much really because all we wanted was just a pabebe trek. Well, good things comes when you least expect it. It really recharged our free spirited self. A good venue for pilgrimage. A chapel on the hill, a greenery atmosphere and a good place that recharged our soul. We love the place!

     It's our first time here so as our tradition, we knocked at the door of the church three times, then we roam around the area and prayed to each solemn place. It's like celebrating holy week ahead of time.

     After roaming around and filled our eyes with good sights and some photo ops, we decided to go to our next stop which is at Treasure Mountain. It's on the opposite side of Regina Rica. Good thing we decided to take habal-habal because we rarely see public jeepneys along the highway. We mostly see private cars and a lot of motorbike riders.

     Finally we arrived! We're no longer surprised on a bit pricy entrance fee as we read some blogs already, however, it's the place that surprised us. There were less than ten tourist only in the place. Maybe because this mountain is much common during night as the adventurer ones like us opted for camping to witness the sea of clouds at dawn and when the sun light begins to arise.

Less people means less distraction.

More relax and muni-muni time and no bummer on good spot for photo ops. LOL.

It was another relaxing adventure for us indeed! Great to be back in mother nature. Thank You Dear Creator for always guiding us. Thank You for this day. 

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