Bike Ride - Barasoain Church (Malolos Bulacan)
Manong UnyolWednesday, February 3, 2021 0 comments


     I already visited this famous historical church last September 2013 with my fellow travel bloggers, thankful for them as I learned a lot. This time 2020,  we explored again this place and other historical sites here in Bulacan with my college friends using our bikes.

We took the Mc Arthur Highway route, we just saw some areas that are flooded along the way.  

Waiting for other friends to arrive as they are from North Caloocan and San Del Monte Bulacan. 

     For bikers, your bike ride will not be complete if you haven't had a photo on any famous landmark of your destination just like this arc. Agree? :)

     We were late on our itinerary but finally we reached our destination. We were exhausted but still thankful for this beautiful welcome. 

     Just like any establishments and since we are still in a pandemic situation, before you enter inside the church they need to check your body temperature and log your information for contact tracing purposes. 

The fa├žade of the Barasoain Church.

My College Friends

     After we rode around the vicinity of the church, we took our lunch at Food Trip in Santa Maria Bulacan. If you'll arrive in a car, nothing to worry as they have a parking space as well. 

Chika and rest time after our lunch and planning as we head on again for our next bike adventure.

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