Bike Ride - Mystical Cave Antipolo
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     It is indeed mystical! The top of the mountain is gorgeous view of Antipolo. Advisable to bring a flashlight with you going inside the cave and plenty of drinking water. It’s a bit hard to walk as the steps of the stairs is slippery before you reach the caves. 
Heavy rain poured during our ride, so waited for it to stop first as it's hard to ride if you're not seeing the road. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Thankfully, the rain already stopped and this is the rewarding view we witnessed along our way going to Antipolo.

We took our breakfast at EL KANO, good thing they also have view deck at the back of the restaurant. A lot of bikers stop here to eat and rest. 

It was Sunday when we had our ride so there were a lot of church goers visited Antipolo Cathedral. We decided not to stay long... just to be safe. 

     We didn't know exactly the location of Mystical cave, we just followed the suggested route given their Facebook page. Unfortunately, the suggested route is closed but we didn't gave up as we are already there. Our effort will become useless if we will not do anything. We tried searching in google map and fortunately there are other routes suggested going to Mystical cave.

     Don't under estimate this route, make sure all your breaks are working and your wheels are not worn out. This road is very steep, one local suggested that it is better to walk if you are not familiar and if it's your first time in this road 

Finally we reached our destination, we paid P50.00 for our entrance fee.

The P50.00 entrance fee already includes a guide.

     Like any other cave that I've been to, the rock formations and structures on the walls can show you  an image or sort of a form. Our guide showed us the half side of the lying image of the body of Christ, the half image of a skull, the Virgin Mary carrying baby Jesus and there are other rock formations he calls the Apostles. You might see other formations if you are imaginative. 

Pardon me for this picture as we didn't have good camera that is good in low light.

We're already in Luzon Commonwealth when my tire got flat, thankfully there's a vulcanizing near the area. Make sure you bring  your patch kit, air pump and extra interior with you when riding.

How to go to Mystical Cave

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