Bike Ride - Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT)
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     I heard DRT many times from my fellow travelers even before pandemic.  This place is now more popular because of their nature destination and was also featured in some of the travel TV shows.

     We were just starting our ride when my rear tire disappointed me. Before I leave the house I noticed that my tire was flat, I immediately informed my friends that I might not be able to join them so that they will not wait for me at our meeting place and I'm pretty sure that vulcanizing shop will open late since it was just around 5AM. Good thing I saw a shop that is open at 6:00 in the morning. Sir Arnie my co-vlogger messaged me if what is my plan since I invited him on this ride. I told him that if my tire will be fixed we will go to Antipolo instead but luckily my friends told me that they will wait for us in Bigte Bulacan if my tire will be fixed faster. And the rest was a fun ride!

We had our merienda first when we met at Bigte Bulacan Thanks to Angel's Burger, unang kagat tinapay lahat. 😂 

Arman the man.

If I'm not mistaken this is Mount Arayat in Pampanga (Please Correct me if I'm wrong 😁)

Our guide boss Daryll.

I never expected this place to be crowded during pandemic.  Yet it's good to see few policemen mandating the traffic and observing social distancing and health protocols.

Picture time

No one was allowed to go down the river.

Another tire of Roy almost gave up after our lunch, thankful that we have patch kit for quick fix.

It was raining hard that time and we are all wet. Thanks Sir Arnie for this picture.

     Sometimes shit really happens! This time my front tire got flat because of thumbtacks. Thanks to a fellow biker who helped me and  gave his spare interior. I forgot to ask his name but thank you and God bless you Sir.  

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