Manong Unyol



My real name is Renante but my childhood friends from the province of Claveria Cagayan “Coastal Paradise of the North” call me Unyol instead of Junior I guess that time they can’t pronounce it properly yet hahaha so until now they  call me in that name until now and then. I think of a concept name of a blog that will connect to my personality because I’m also a probinsiyano and I got the word Manong which means in Ilocano word is Kuya. That’s how the name of my blog is born and I call it “Adventures of Manong Unyol”.


Actually this is one of my bucketlist to write all my adventures in the mountains and also other destinations in the Philippines although I’m not a good writer or artist. Sorry about my English grammar and I admit I’m not fluent so please bear with my grammar, but I try all my best and I want only to share to others my experiences like what do you expect in that area, how to get there and also giving tips, I consider my blog as personal or my own diary but in the same way I can help those who also in love with the nature through my write-ups and photos on my blog.